We protect your services from DDOS attacks to ensure your server is always online and operational.
We give you a fancy subdomain, so you don’t have to remember a bunch of numbers.
Upgrade or downgrade your plan as your Minecraft community grows or your budget shrinks!
We manage the backend, so you never have to worry about those pesky software updates ruining your speedrun.

Minecraft Hosting Plans

Get the breathtaking experience of our Minecraft Java Edition server hosting plans designed for performance without the hassle!

Canned Beans

AUD $5.00 / month

Great for a couple of mates wanting to play older versions of Minecraft.

1 vCore


20 GB NVMe Storage

1 TB Bandwidth

1 Backup Slot

Daily Automated Backups

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More Beans

AUD $14.99 / month

Great larger communities utilising plugins on the latest versions of Minecraft.

4 vCores


80GB NVMe Storage

4 TB Bandwidth

2 Backup Slots

Daily Automated Backups

Turn the stove on!
Baked Beans

AUD $9.00 / month

Great for a moderate group wanting to play the newer versions of Minecraft.

2 vCores


40 GB NVMe Storage

2TB Bandwidth

1 Backup Slot

Daily Automated Backups

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