Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are accepted and applied when purchasing any product from 366 Computers. Any attempt to alter or change this document will be null and void unless agreed by both you and 366 Computers. This Terms and Conditions document is subject to change without any notice at any time. The below section headings are purely for reference only. If any terms or conditions are NOT enforceable, the remaining items will not be affected.

Term Glossary:

“366”, “we”, “us” and/or “our” mean: 366 Computers
“You”, “your”, “customer”, “person” mean: the individual or organisation on the invoice.
“Business Day” “Business Days” mean: any day except Saturday, Sunday or a Public, Bank or other official holiday.

Payment Terms:

All advertised prices are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise noted and exclude shipping, handling and any GST that may apply to the delivery location. These terms of payment are at 366 Computers’ discretion unless other terms are agreed to in writing by both you and 366 Computers. Payment MUST be received by 366 Computers before any order is accepted. 366 Computers reserve the right to decline or cancel any orders as a result of a typographical error. If deemed necessary 366 Computers may amend pricing by individually invoicing components of an order due to pricing fluctuations 366 Computers are NOT responsible for.

Shipping and Risk:

Loss or damage resulting from a carrier or delivery company engaged by 366 Computers is our responsibility. Loss or damage resulting from a carrier or delivery company engaged by the customer is your responsibility. If any items are lost or damaged from your order, you have five (5) business days to notify us after your order is marked as delivered. All shipping or postage dates are estimates and may not be accurate.

Order Cancellations:

You have two (2) hours to cancel your order from when your order is placed; however, due to 366 Computers ordering components 366 Computers have the right to issue a fee or invoice for the components already purchased by 366 Computers for your order.


366 Computers supplies you with both an online and offline copy of the warranty for your computer, these are found on your computer’s storage and online via QR code/s supplied within the packaging. 366 Computers provide a wide array of support for your purchase to ensure you receive what you have paid for. If there is evidence of any damage caused by an attempt to perform a self-repair or damage caused by anyone external to 366 Computers, may make your warranty null and void.

Returns Policy:

You are able to return a product purchased from 366 Computers following our returns policy. All items returned must include the original packaging, cables, media, documentation and other accessories included in your product’s packaging. We offer a Thirty (30)-day money-back guarantee to ensure you are thrilled with your product. A return within thirty (30) calendar days will have a restocking fee of 25% deducted from the refund. Before a return is made, you are required to contact 366 Computers directly and provide your VALID invoice number and name; you are also required to give a detailed explanation as to why you would like to return the product purchase from 366 Computers. 366 Computers have the right to deny the return of any item if the product is damaged or broken by you. Your refund minus the restocking fee will be processed within five (5) business days after 366 Computers receive the product.

Limitation of Liability:

366 Computers does not accept any liability for the following items: corruption or loss of data, loss of product licences/software. 366 Computers does not accept liability for any loss of profit or any other punitive damages. Any claims by a third party may not be accepted. You agree that you are responsible for the data stored on the product, and 366 Computers reserve the right to report any illegal data visible to us during a warranty repair, computer cleaning or any other services we provide.


All pricing supplied by 366 Computers may be subject to change at any time without warning.


It is essential to backup all data stored on the device(s) or product(s) before you ship the device to us for any reason. Remove all removable media or personal data from the product (366 Computers can supply a backup drive for your system at your cost).

If we have determined that the warranty does not cover the issue for a product or there was no issue found, the device will be shipped back to the customer at their cost. 366 Computers reserve the right to deny any service to a device if the product or device is determined to be a biological hazard; we WILL return the product or device to the customer at their cost.

Refunds and Disputes of Hosting Services:

All hosting service orders placed by new customers are eligible for refunds within the first 48 (forty-eight) hours of the plan being activated. All refunds shall be processed via the payment method used for the initial purchase. All other services provided unrelated to the core of the plan purchased, such as add-ons to the plan are not eligible for a refund. The customer must provide a reason deemed valid for a refund to be processed. Items based on a payment period of more than a month are not eligible for any refund. A refund request must be sent directly to us via email. The request must contain your order number and the reason you deem warranting a refund. Once a refund request is approved, a refund will be processed within 7 (seven) business days.

Liability of Hosting Services:

366 Computers are not liable under any circumstances of the following terms however are not limited to data loss caused by the customer, or security-related issues caused by the customer. 366 Computers reserve the right to suspend or terminate any plans as a result but not limited to the above terms or any dispute.

Cancellation of Hosting Services:

To terminate a plan, you must notify us (366 Computers) at least 2 (two) business days before the next invoice is issued; in the event, a customer requests cancellation after this period or the invoice is issued, the customer must pay the issued invoice. Customers can cancel their plans at any time unless otherwise stated by 366 Computers.

Termination of Hosting Services:

366 Computers reserve the right to terminate any services deemed in violation of any of these terms: Invoices not paid within the allocated time specified by us will result in service suspension once overdue and termination after 7 (seven) calendar days without refund. 366 Computers will not terminate plans without due cause.

The Exploitation of Hosting Services:

Customers are not permitted to modify any parameters pertained by your purchased plan; parameters may include the RAM or Storage. Modifying such parameters may include service suspension and or termination without refund.

Fair Usage of Hosting Services:

The fair usage of services purchased from 366 Computers are based upon the following terms. Plans purchased are not to be used for the storage of items deemed unrelated to the use case of the plan. Customers are not to purposely invoke any attack towards their or others’ services. Customers are not to use any amount of bandwidth deemed excessive by us. 366 Computers reserve the right to suspend or terminate any plans considered to be in violation of these terms. If deemed in violation of these terms and a service is suspended, we will make an attempt to contact you and work with you to resolve such violation.

Legal Contract:

366 Computers reserves the right to report and/or consult with authorities in the event of any illegal usage of the services provided by 366 Computers. Communication between such authorities will remain confidential unless otherwise approved. In this event, all services provided to the customer by 366 Computers will be terminated without refund. When a customer purchases a service, they automatically accept the right for us to modify plans provided to the customer; this may include, however, is not limited to the following, settings of the plan, the uploading of files requested by the customer and or other items related to the activated plan. 366 Computers also reserve the right to start, stop, and modify any plans purchased at any given time if and only deemed necessary. Any threats made towards us or our infrastructure will be taken seriously and will be reported to the appropriate authorities as well as instant service suspension or termination without refund.


366 Computers policy on the collection, use and disclosure of customers’ personal information is set out in its Privacy Policy which forms part of these Terms and Conditions.

Governing Law:

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia.