Our Services

Custom Built Computer

We will personally customise a computer to suit your needs, budget and preferences. All you have to do is fill in a form!

Fill in our quote form with your computing and/or gaming needs, budget, and preferences. We then create a few quotes at different performance and price points and discuss the benefits of each one, either over email or phone.

You then receive a computer that is correctly priced and suited for you.


We can perform maintenance and thorough cleaning of your computer to ensure it is in optimal condition.


We can perform upgrades so you get the most out of your current computer. No matter whether it is performance, storage or aesthetics!

Game Server Hosting

Affordable prices and next-level performance without the hassle!

Server hosting without the hassle. If you’ve ever wanted to run your own gaming empire but haven’t got the know-how? You’ve come to the right place! We run everything behind the scenes to make you look like a pro.

Have a game server in mind but we don’t publically list it? Contact us and we will create a custom server hosting package just for you!